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  • Who We Are

    Led by the renowned Dr. Karen Cassiday, our team of psychologists and counselors offer state-of-the-art anxiety treatments. By systematically exposing you to fearful situations, we empower you with the tools to manage your own anxiety, resulting in faster, sustainable recovery.   

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  • What We Do

    Using cognitive behavioral therapy in our offices and in real-life settings, our specialists help modify thought patterns and behavior, leading to reduced symptoms. We work with adults and children as young as 2 years old, and are known nationally for our expertise in treating complex patients.  

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  • Why Choose Us

    As leaders in anxiety treatment, we provide scientifically based interventions that result in rapid anxiety relief for our patients. Our therapists have unique backgrounds as researchers and clinicians, enabling us to deliver compassionate, goal-oriented treatment in the most cost-effective manner.

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  • Testimonials

    Susan Richman, J.D., Co-founder, Honorary Chair and Board Member, Beyond OCD

    Dr. Cassiday changed my life.  She took me on “field trips” to wherever was necessary to deal with my OCD triggers. She never hesitated to get down in the trenches with me and teach me new ways to respond. She was truly a partner in my healing.  We laughed a lot together, so what could Continue Reading

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