For over 20 years, The Anxiety Treatment Center of Greater Chicago (formerly the Anxiety & Agoraphobia Treatment Center, Ltd.) has been the source for the best anxiety care in Chicago, the North Shore, and the Western Suburbs. Led by the renowned Dr. Karen Cassiday, our team of clinical psychologists and licensed clinical professional counselors offers proactive solutions for your anxiety.

Our psychologists and counselors are specially trained to treat anxiety, phobias, OCD, panic attacks, and other stress-related disorders. We utilize cutting-edge treatment techniques that actively involve each patient in the process of recovery.

We pride ourselves on offering the most advanced and compassionate treatment available. Our experts teach patients the skills they need to overcome their fears with sensitivity and a sense of humor, providing you with the tools you need to regain control of your life.

Our practice is recognized nationally for treating complex adult patients.  We are also particularly skilled at working with children, and provide parents with the resources and guidance they need to help their children succeed.

We can help you overcome the problems that fear has caused, and teach you to manage your fears, worries, and compulsions to live a life with confidence.

Results-Oriented Treatment

Our treatment works by systematically exposing you to fearful situations. Our therapists teach you to modify thought patterns using cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure-based therapy, and mindfulness training, resulting in diminished symptoms within a short period of time.  This cost-effective approach empowers you to overcome your fears, restoring peace of mind.

Where You Need it Most

In addition to meeting you in our offices, our therapists can conduct sessions in your home or wherever you feel the most anxious. We have worked with patients in settings as varied as schools, offices, elevators, malls, and airplanes, enabling you to gain confidence in real-life situations.

We also have counselors who offer distance counseling for Illinois residents via secure videoconferencing. Distance counseling offers a convenient alternative for patients who find it difficult to meet with or travel to a therapist and can flexibly accommodate your schedule.

For patients who move out of state temporarily (e.g. for college) or permanently, our therapists can provide telehealth services in states where they hold a valid professional license, or if they hold an e-passport license through PSYPACT and you are residing in a PSYPACT state.  Some non-PSYPACT states may allow licensed psychologists to apply for permission to practice in their respective state. 

Intensive Treatment

For more complex patients, our team of specialists can mobilize quickly, providing customized, intensive treatment. Our unique, multi-modal approach works rapidly to restore good mental health, even helping to avoid hospitalization for the most severe cases.