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aatc_what--we-treat_cliffjumpAbout Anxiety Disorders

Unlike many clinics who treat a wide array of mental health issues, our focus on anxiety and stress related disorders enables us to stay on top of the latest scientific research and incorporate the best new strategies into our treatment plans. We take great pride in our long history of being on the cutting edge of treatment. We understand that many people suffer from anxiety disorders and that effective treatment can be hard to find. You are not alone and The Anxiety Treatment Center of Greater Chicago is here to help.  Fortunately, anxiety disorders are highly treatable when addressed with the correct scientific solutions, and we can provide the solutions you need to help you conquer your fears.  This section will teach you about many of the disorders that we diagnose and treat.

Results Oriented Treatment

Our treatment works by systematically exposing you to fearful situations. Our therapists teach you to modify thought patterns using cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure-based therapy, motivational interviewing and mindfulness training, resulting in diminished symptoms within a short period of time.  This cost-effective approach empowers you to overcome your fears, restoring peace of mind.

Forms of Treatment

We offer both individual therapy and treatment groups.   Individual treatment sessions are held in our Deerfield, Chicago, or Oakbrook offices, in your home, or in locations where you feel the most anxious. We have worked with patients in settings as varied as schools, offices, elevators, malls, and airplanes, enabling you to gain confidence in real-life situations.

aatc_what-we-treatFor more complex patients, our team of specialists can mobilize quickly, providing customized, intensive treatment. Our unique, multi-modal approach works rapidly to restore good mental health, even helping to avoid hospitalization for the most severe cases.

Associated (Co-Morbid) Conditions

Although our primary focus is on anxiety, OCD, and related-conditions, we also work extensively with clients who have co-morbid conditions that are often associated with anxiety.  We focus on the entire person, and effective treatment for anxiety can improve day-to-day functioning in many areas.  Common conditions that we treat alongside anxiety include:

  • Depression & Dysthymia
  • Anxiety about medical procedures and serious or terminal medical conditions
  • Performance and test-taking anxiety
  • Impulse control disorders (nail biting/cheek biting)
  • Sleep difficulties for infants, children and teens\
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