Hoarding Disorder results when people are unable to discard unneeded objects and possessions and end up living in an unpleasant and dangerous clutter.  People can also hoard animals.  Hoarders feel an emotional attachment or responsibility toward the items they hoard and find it very difficult to sort, organize and make decisions about the items that fill their living space.  Frequently they intend to do something with hoarded items and may churn their way through the clutter but are never able to to successfully clear the mess.  Pressure from family and friends rarely results in improvement and many hoarders come to therapy because they are being forced to seek treatment.  Many families give up hope for a member who hoards because they feel thwarted in their efforts to help, especially after they see a hoarder resume hoarding after a forced “clean out.”


The staff of the Anxiety Treatment Center has experience helping families and hoarders learn to overcome the devastating effects of hoarding.  Hoarders relapse after forced clean outs unless they are taught new ways to think about objects and how to use living space appropriately.  We use motivational interviewing, individual and group therapy to help hoarders learn to sort, categorize and organize their belongings as they gradually reclaim their living space and learn to live comfortably without clutter.  We offer family intervention to help restore relationships that have been compromised by the effects of hoarding.

Hoarding Treatment Group:

We will be offering a new intensive hoarding disorder treatment group, led by Julieanne Pojas, PsyD, beginning in May, 2017.  This is a therapist-led, CBT-based treatment group that teaches skills to help hoarders conquer their clutter. The group will meet for 16 weeks from May through September on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30 pm. Members who complete this group will have the option to participate in a monthly maintenance/support groups. Please contact Dr. Pojas at 847-559-0001 or JPojas@anxietytreatmentcenter.com for more information or if you are interested in joining the group.

For More Information:

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