New Office in Oakbrook is Now Open!

oakbrook-officeOur Western Suburban Office is now open.  In response to increasing demand for convenient access to excellent anxiety treatment, we have recently opened a new office in the western suburbs.  We are located at 1100 Jorie Blvd, Suite 227. You no longer need to travel to our our downtown or north shore locations to access the best anxiety treatment in greater Chicago. Call us at 630-522-3124 to schedule an appointment.

ATC Welcomes Two New Anxiety Specialists

We are pleased to welcome two terrific new therapists to our practice this summer: Rahan Ali, PhD and Nathan Fite, M.Ed.  These fine practitioners have extensive training in anxiety treatment, and share our vision for outstanding personalized care. We are thrilled to welcome them to our team!

Phobias – What are they and how can they be treated?

Dr. Karen Cassiday was the featured guest on Joy Cardin’s show on NPR’s Wisconsin Public Radio.  In this 45 minute episode, they discuss phobias in-depth and describe effective treatment options.  Phobias may not  make any sense, but they affect the everyday lives of people who feel powerless to stop them. Click this link to hear the broadcast from March 7, 2016.


Dr. Cassiday in the News

Dr. Cassiday continues to be sought after by the media for her expertise.  In this article from the North Jersey News, she provides her commentary on a hoarding case in New Jersey where 49 dogs were rescued from a home.  And from, she shares her insight on anxiety and depression in the story: “Cancer is Just an Excuse” – The Insensitive Things People Say about Mental Illness, Translated.

Dr. Cassiday provides advice on Worrying in Live Happy Magazine

The new magazine, Live Happy, features Dr. Cassiday in an article about overcoming anxiety. Dr. Cassiday provides suggestions to the magazine’s Art Director, who is a persistent worrier.  Click here to read the article and learn how you too can overcome worry and anxiety.

How can Millenials Cope with Anxiety?

Dr. Cassiday is quoted throughout the article OMG I Can’t Even—How Much Anxiety Is Normal and How Can Millennials Cope? in  She discusses the positive impact that stress can have, and the importance of resilience.

“Some anxiety in the face of stress is warranted, Cassiday says. (Think: nerves prior to giving a lecture, taking an exam, or performing; sending a text to a new potential significant other; or fielding a call from an overly nosy parent.) But when the anxiety fails to motivate us, is experienced as impassable, and becomes something we crumble beneath, that’s when it becomes problematic.there are a handful of helpful, proven tools available”.  To read more from this article, CLICK HERE.

Friday the 13th and Irrational Fears – Dr. Cassiday’s Rivet Radio Interview

Dr. Cassiday discusses irrational fears and phobias on Rivet Radio on, appropriately, Friday the 13th of November, 2015.  To listen to this 5 minute interview, Click Here.

Dr. Cassiday helps WCIU TV Morning News Team overcome their Phobias

In a series of morning news episodes, Dr. Karen Cassiday was enlisted by the news team at WCIU TV Morning News Show, You and Me, to work with staff members who struggled with animal phobias. The ‘patients’ came to The Anxiety Treatment Center for short-term exposure therapy, with impressive results!

In this piece, Dr. Cassiday works with two WCIU TV staff members to overcome their fear of dogs. This is a great example of how exposure and response therapy is conducted. WCIU Exposure Therapy to Dogs

Watch Dr. Cassiday use exposure therapy to help  Nika overcome her fear of snakes: WCIU Exposure Therapy to Snakes


Dr. Cassiday featured at November 19 BeyondOCD Event

OCD Live Forum: Manning the Lifeboat: What to do when someone you love is sinking fast.

On Thursday, November 19th, 2015, Dr. Cassiday will be speaking at Francis Parker School in Chicago from 7-9pm about how to manage the difficulties of everyday life when someone you love has overwhelming anxiety symptoms.  Sometimes typical outpatient treatment in not enough when someone you love has severe anxiety and/or depression. Dr. Cassiday and Dr. Brad Riemann from Rogers Memorial Hospital will address your questions and concerns about when and how to seek intensive treatment and residential treatment.

For more information, click here.

Dr. Cassiday appears on NPR’s WBEZ Morning Shift

Dr. Karen Cassiday spoke to host Tony Sarabia on NPR Affiliate WBEZ’s Morning Shift on Wednesday, September 2, 1015. She described the psychological causes and treatment of hoarding disorder, in response to the City of Chicago’s new advisory board created to help compulsive hoarders.  Click here to listen to the broadcast: WBEZ Morning Shift September 2, 2015.