Insomnia occurs when someone is unable to readily fall asleep or stay asleep.  Often times, worrying about sleep quality and the ability to function while awake combines with the effects of sleep deprivation to interfere with everyday life. Worry about sleep quality and deprivation is a significant factor in insomnia.  The presence of anxiety disorders or mood disorders can also result in insomnia.  The good news is that insomnia is highly treatable using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), the method repeatedly shown to work in research studies.  The Anxiety Treatment Center staff will work with you to address the underlying causes of your insomnia and help you, or your child, learn to sleep better again.  Your sleep can improve and you can learn to feel confident about going to sleep and staying asleep.


If your insomnia is chronic and not related to a medical condition, you may benefit from the treatment we provide at the Anxiety Treatment Center of Greater Chicago.  CBT for insomnia is a unique approach that our therapists are trained in specifically to treat insomnia, grounded in the science of sleep. We will work with you using a combination of cognitive and behavioral techniques such as relaxation training, mindfulness training, sleep hygiene improvement and decreasing worry.

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