For Mental Health Professionals

Anxiety Treatment Center psychologists offer supervision and professional development on the most effective cognitive behavioral treatment strategies for anxiety disorders. Consulting can be scheduled on-site or via skype or phone.

  • Expert consultation to professionals
  • Individual clinician supervision
  • Customized workshops


For Educators

We have extensive experience working with schools throughout Chicago and the North Shore, and have developed ongoing relationships with many teachers, social workers, and counselors.    Our training presentations offer specialized and comprehensive education about the anxiety disorders, OC spectrum disorders, body focused repetitive behavior disorders and managing these disorders in the home and in the community.

  • Consultation – IEP, 504 Plans
  • School Intervention
  • Workshops
  • Staff Training


For Clergy

Individuals often reach out to clergy with their concerns and fears, and we are available to consult with you regarding support for your congregants. We have extensive experience working with patients for whom their anxiety and worry have become an impediment to their faith or their ability to experience a healthy life. Obsessive-compulsive disorder in the form of scrupulosity, obsessive doubt or compulsive rather than voluntary observance can become excruciatingly painful. We work sensitively with patients of all faiths and their respective clergy.

  • Complimentary consultations on congregants
  • Expert consultation on obsessive compulsive scrupulosity


For the Community

Many of our psychologists are popular speakers who receive repeat requests from professional organizations and school districts.  Most of our programs are designed to demystify anxiety disorders and offer suggestions for living successfully with anxiety, OCD, and other disorders.  We are often consulted as expert resources by local and national media, including television, radio, and print.  See Practice News for recent presentations.

Popular speaking topics include:

  • Helping your shy or socially anxious child develop social confidence
  • How to prevent anxiety and depression in your child
  • Overcoming worry in your child or yourself
  • Helping you or children to develop resilience
  • Cultivating independence in your child
  • Managing oppositional behavior in your child
  • Creating Mental Wellness in Your Home
  • Mastering the Worry of Parenthood
  • Developing Good Humor in Times of Stress
  • Parenting Kung FU:  How to Manage When Kids Do Disappointing Things
  • Empowering Young Kids to Be Brave and Think Big


For Doctoral Students

The Post-Doctoral Training Program provides advanced opportunities for training in cognitive behavioral assessment, therapy and consultation-liason work while preparing for licensure. Both individual and group supervision are provided. Opportunities for learning supervisory skills with graduate students and public speaking are also provided for those who are interested. Interested applicants must have graduated from an APA accredited Doctoral program and internship and have received prior clinical training in cognitive behavioral treatment of anxiety and OC spectrum disorders. They must also have a theoretical orientation that is cognitive behavioral.

To apply for the Post-Doctoral Training Program:
Interested applicants should submit a copy of their transcript, curriculum vitae and three letters of reference to Careers@AnxietyTreatmentCenter.com.