At the Anxiety Treatment Center of Greater Chicago

the health and welfare of our staff and clients

are our highest priority. 

Shelter-in-place orders have ended in Illinois as the state continues to transition through its reopening plan.  Although we remained open as an essential business while those orders were in place, we encouraged telehealth platforms among our staff and patients as we were able to make that adjustment without disruption to patient therapy. 

Now that the state is encouraging even non-essential businesses to reopen, we are encouraging our staff to return to in-person therapy so that our patients can continue to receive the best care available.  We are excited to begin the process of returning to normal!  We are closely monitoring local, state, and federal guidelines for returning to work safely.  

Following is the list of precautions we have put in place to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19.  These precautions reflect best practices as determined by the CDC and other governing bodies, and many of them are already familiar.  These precautions are also posted in our waiting room:

  • Office seating in the waiting room and in therapists’ offices has been arranged for appropriate physical distancing. 
  • Masks are required in all common areas of the building, our waiting room, and our hallways per local regulations.
  • ATC staff maintains safe distancing.
  • Hand sanitizer is available in common areas and therapists’ offices.  Soap and paper towels are located in the waiting room kitchenette for hand washing.  
  • Appointments are scheduled at specific intervals to minimize the number of people in the waiting room.
  • All patients are asked to wait in their cars or outside until no earlier than 5 minutes before their appointment times.
  • iPads used for signing in and payment, pens, and other areas that are commonly touched are sanitized regularly between 10:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Tissues and trash bins are easily accessed.  Trash is disposed of on a nightly basis.
  • Common areas are disinfected at the beginning of each day, Monday through Friday.

As a longtime leader in delivering HIPAA-compliant telehealth counseling, all of our therapists continue to offer video-counseling options.  If you have not already signed an informed consent form to be able to utilize our online counseling technology, you can do so here.

If you are a new client, we welcome you to contact us to discuss the option that works best for you.

We encourage you to continue seeking therapy; this is an ideal opportunity to learn how to overcome anxiety and meet life’s challenges with strength and determination!

We will continue to post articles and links from our own staff on our Practice News page so you can keep informed.  For additional resources to help you cope with anxiety during these challenging times, we recommend: