After two years of lockdowns, quarantines, and distancing, many people are finding it difficult to navigate back into routines they had prior to the pandemic.  For those suffering from agoraphobia, a return to living life outside is even more complicated:  gains made in overcoming anxiety have been eroded and new anxieties have curtailed life even more than before.

It’s encouraging to listen to success stories, to be reminded that you are not alone in your suffering and that there is help available to you.  Managing anxiety and overcoming your fears are within your reach!  Dr. Karen Cassiday addresses some of the issues facing those with agoraphobia and talks about how to begin the process of overcoming those issues and get back to living a fuller life in this article in the Washington Post.

Dr. Cassiday also had the privilege of helping Cecil Jackson connect with a therapist in Houston, TX for online sessions and then flew out to meet him in person and be his exposure therapist for a day as he tackled his fears head-on to do some things he hadn’t done in 10 years: