Bustle:  How to Respond to Nosy Questions from Family

Dr. Karen Cassiday recently talked with Bustle’s Emma McGowan about managing the sometimes invasive personal questions we are often asked by our nearest and dearest during the holidays.  While the magnifying glass of our relatives’ curiosity is strongest during these seasonal family parties, Dr. Cassiday’s advice is relevant throughout the year whenever we are dealing with mom’s pointed questions about how long before grandchildren appear or dad’s repeated remarks about getting a “real” job.  From having a plan to accepting that you’ll be discussed when you leave the party, Dr. Cassiday’s seven suggestions for graciously dealing with overly nosy friends and relations can be applied time and again.  

This post is for educational purposes only and not intended to diagnose mental health issues or serve as a treatment plan.  It is for the general public and not directed at any one person.